Senior care that works from home.

House Calls.
Our foundation.

Our mission is to optimize the quality of life for homebound older adults, allowing them to live independently and with dignity in their own homes.

Homebase Medical is getting back to basics. We make house calls – enabling access to quality wrap-around services for homebound older adults with complex health needs while improving the quality of their lives, right at home.

We offer an array of medical and chronic care services and we’re backed by SCAN, a not-for-profit organization that has a history of supporting and improving the health and independence of older adults for over 45 years.


Services we provide

Annual wellness visits

We partner with health plans and medical groups to provide Medicare Annual Wellness Visits and other yearly comprehensive wellness examinations.

Post-discharge care

We specialize in helping patients transition successfully from the inpatient setting to home, dramatically reducing the risk of 30-day readmissions.

Palliative care

We provide evidence-based at-home palliative care services to help patients and their families improve their quality of life and minimize suffering.

Long-term chronic care

We provide long-term in-home chronic disease management to patients who have difficulty leaving their home to access the traditional health care system.

What we do

We make house calls

Delivering care where older adults appreciate it most – right at home.

Provide patient-centric care

We focus on quality outcomes and improving quality of life.

Reduce trips to the hospital

Eliminating the barriers and hassle of getting to the doctor.

In-home or virtual care

Treating patients according to their needs and preferences.

Collaborative care partners

Partnering with providers to focus on our patients' health goals.

Focus on the whole person

Our team cares for our patients' bodies, minds and spirits.

Help older adults age in place

We’re a driving force for healthy and independent aging.

Compassionate care, 24/7

Assistance navigating all aspects of care – every day, any time.